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cArtù®: the new corrugated cardboard

Some examples of packaging solutions that can be designed using cArtù®, in either covered or uncovered flute versions.

cArtù®, with its characteristic resilient and cushioning parabolic arches. Each flute has two folds that serve as reinforcing ribs.

Traditional corrugated cardboard, with a sinusoidal wave, is very low and offers minimal cushioning.

load capacity

Significant increase in vertical compression strength.


cArtù® is flexible and more versatile than any other cushioning material.


In terms of volume, cArtù® weighs up to two-thirds less than traditional cardboard.


cArtù® reduces CO2 emissions and disposal issues.



Single-material packaging

Filling and protective

Reduced volume and costs


In terms of volume, cArtù® allows for up to 70% savings in raw material compared to traditional corrugated cardboard.

Raw material savings 70%

100% of the paper used to produce cArtù® is PEFC™ or FSC® certified.

An independent study has shown that the production of cArtù® reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%…

Reduction of CO2 emissions 80%

…compared to plastic packaging or traditional cardboard.

The production of cArtù® does not require steam and drying plans, resulting in 0% water consumption.

The wave of packaging

Based in Portugal, in Guimarães, Seven cArtù Lda was born from a Portuguese-Italian joint venture between the José Neves and Grifal groups, both leaders in the production and offering of innovative packaging solutions for well-known companies in national and international markets. The main goal is to produce the innovative corrugated cardboard cArtù® in Portugal. Despite being recently established, Seven cArtù Lda draws on the solid experience of its founding companies, enabling it to easily identify and anticipate the specific packaging needs of each customer and present the most efficient solutions with significant overall annual savings. We aim to make a difference in optimizing the value chain, based on the environmental and technological sustainability of our solutions and services. We work every day to propose creative solutions that bring value and competitive advantages to each customer, being pioneers in the proactive and continuous search for innovative, strategic, and alternative answers and business models that add utility and value to all our customers.

"We have chosen to introduce the virtuous innovation of cArtù® in our market because we believe it is a winning solution, 100% in line with the growing demand for green products as a replacement for expanded plastics."

"The agreement between two distant yet similar entities in terms of history, reputation, and expertise, and who believe in the value of sustainable innovation, forms the foundation of this long-lasting partnership that will generate significant shared successes."

  • Respect for people and the environment;
  • commitment and transparency with our customers;
  • Quality combined with innovation.
  • Make the world a better place, anchored in sustainable production processes that respect people, the environment, and resources, offering the market more eco-friendly packaging alternatives, without neglecting quality and the specific needs of each business.
  • Conquer the market through intelligent, green and flexible packaging solutions, increasingly anchored in customized solutions that maximize the added value of our customers’ products.
  • Be a reference in flexible packaging solutions, anchored in sustainability and constant innovation.
  • Transforming the packaging concept along the entire value chain.


So Seven cArtù was born…

It all started with a visit to Ipack-Ima, an international trade fair in Milan specializing in food and non-food packaging, which took place between 3


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